PROJECT CHUCKY Episode 7 | Chucky Gets a New Transmission!

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Chucky lives!

After noticing some issues with the stock transmission in the last episode, it was decided to install a new, to Chucky, 6R80 (courtesy of Rebecca Starkey’s 2011 racecar). We also upgraded Chucky’s torque converter, thanks to our friends at FTI Performance, and gave him a new set of shoes with some Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pros!

Mods on Chucky include:
✪ 2018 Ford Mustang Intake Manifold:
✪ Dynatech High Flow Cats:
✪ Dynatech Headers:
✪ VMP Custom Tune:
✪ JLT Cold Air Intake:
✪ 6R80 Transmission with VMP Bullet-Proof 6R80 Kit:
✪ FTI Torque Converter:
✪ 56 Lb Injectors:
✪ UPR Lower Control Arm Relocation Bracket Kit:
✪ UPR Adjustable Upper Control Arm Mount:
✪ Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pro Tires:
✪ VMP IMRC Lockouts

Get your VMP apparel here!:

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