VMP’s Bolt-On Upgrade Guide for 2007-2012 Shelby GT500

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes


Want to upgrade your Shelby GT500 but not sure where to start? We know that feeling. To help,  we put together this upgrade guide for the guys and gals who want a little more power from their 2007-2012 GT500. In this video, VMP provides a simple to follow rundown of easy bolt-on’s to get you more horsepower.

In addition, VMP offers a great line of products to fit your ’07-’12 Shelby, giving you endless possibilities for future mods.

Products in this video include:


✪ VMP JLT 123 Pack for ’07-’12 Shelby GT500 (includes pulley, idler, CAI kit, installation & dyno tune)
✪ VMP High Flow Elbow & Throttle Body kit (includes VMP high flow elbow and VMP Twinjet 67 mm throttle body)
✪ VMP Ultimate Pulley Tool w/ Pulley & Idler Kit (includes VMP Pulley Tool, 2.5″ supercharger pulley, and 90 mm idler)
✪ VMP Custom Tune Pulley Upgrade Package for ’10-’12 Shelby GT500 (includes pulley and custom tune upgrade)


Individual Items:

JLT 123 CAI ’07-’09 GT500
JLT 123 CAI ’10-’14 GT500
VMP Custom Tune
VMP 2.5″ Stock Look Pulley
VMP 90 mm Idler
VMP Ultimate Pulley Tool
VMP 67 mm Throttle Body
VMP High Flow Inlet Elbow
EVAP Provision for ’07 -’10 Shelby GT500

The JLT 123 Pack for your ’07-’12 GT500 will result in the following gains:

Intake and Tune alone
07-09 GT500: 60-80 RWHP and 60-80 RWTQ
10-12 GT500: 30-50 RWHP and 30-50 RWTQ

In conjunction with the smaller pulley total gains will be:
07-09 GT500: 100-130 RWHP and 100-130 RWTQ
10-12 GT500: 50-70 RWHP and 50-70 RWTQ

Most cars will dyno 525-550 RWHP (depending on weather conditions) with intake, pulley, and tune installed. The ’10-’12 GT500 starts off higher due to the more aggressive factory calibration and factory intake, but end up in a similar place as  the ’07-’09 GT500 once these modifications are performed.