This Trunk Mounted Ice Tank Will Change Your Life! | VMP Trunk Ice Tank

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

In today’s video, we have Alex taking home one of our new VMP Trunk Ice Tanks for his incredible 32v 4.6 Mach1/Cobra swapped SN95 with a Gen3R on top! Justin takes you through some of the key features we’ve implemented into our trunk ice tank design to maximize functionality and performance of this key component in your air-to-water cooling system.

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Let’s dive into the options:

1. VMP Trunk Ice Tank Base Kit – $399: Ideal for DIYers, this kit at $399 includes the essentials – ice tank, bolted lid, and plugs. Customize your cooling system your way!


2. VMP Trunk Ice Tank with accessories – $599: For those wanting more, our $599 Accessory Kit adds brackets, fittings, hoses, and hardware. Elevate your setup effortlessly!


3. VMP Trunk Ice Tank kit for CMAX: Experience peak performance with our High-End Kit. It includes a C-Max pump and a premium harness – all you need for a seamless installation.

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