VMP and Whipple, the most frequently asked questions addressed!

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

At the VMP Open House we revealed our latest kit offering, the VMP Gen 6 3.0 L Supercharger Kit for the ’24 Mustang GT. For this kit, we partnered with Whipple Superchargers to provide an option for ’24 Mustang customers.

This subsequently “broke the internet”.  So, we’ve gathered a handful of the most common questions and answered them below.

What about Odin and Gen3R?

The VMP Gen3R and Odin have been flagship products for many years. In these blowers and others, we have used TVS technology with great success and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our new partnership with Whipple does not change VMP’s support of our TVS product lines. Rather, the partnership with Whipple expands our support of positive displacement superchargers. 

Where did your twin throttle body prototype go?

Our pivot was based on the desire to provide an option to promptly support ‘24 Mustang customers with the best-performing supercharger available. We believe a single throttle body best serves the technology featured in the VMP Gen 6 3.0 L Supercharger Kit.

Why buy from VMP?

The foundation of VMP has always been customer support and innovation.  Whether we are testing on the dyno or at the track, we are always looking to bring the customer the best possible product.  Our new partnership with Whipple is no different; we will apply our expertise in all things performance to serve our customers.  We’re uniquely positioned as expert enthusiasts to provide the highest level of service and support regarding consultation, sales, installations, service, and warranty. At this time, the ‘24 Mustang’s locked ECU and lack of calibration support in the aftermarket are the limitations to innovation. Resultingly, there are very few differences between the kits. While awaiting calibration support from the aftermarket tuning software companies, we’ve turned our focus to developing a line of products that support and improve the performance of this kit.  Once tuning is available for the ‘24+ Mustang, we will be on the leading edge of tuning!

I thought Whipple and VMP were enemies/competitors/against each other?

Competition is the seed of innovation.  It always has been and always will be.  Both companies have acknowledged the capabilities of one another and are excited to collaborate.  We look forward to the incredible things we’ll accomplish together to serve our customers. In addition to VMP’s line of superchargers, we are proud to offer the entire line of Whipple Superchargers.