VMP Mobile Dyno and Head Unit Swaps at Shelbyfest and Carlisle Ford Nationals

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The VMP Performance crew will hit the road once again with our mobile dyno in tow to two upcoming events – Shelbyfest (May 3rd-5th) in downtown Jefferson, Missouri, and Carlisle Ford Nationals (June 1st-3rd) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

We plan to swap as many head units as possible for those wanting to make the switch to our all-new VMP Gen3 2.65 L supercharger for the special show price. If looking to swap out your old blower for the VMP Gen3, we can take it off your hands as an optional trade-in. Also, custom dyno tunes will be available to both new and existing customers. Our new Gen3 2.65 L supercharger is ready to make significant power in your Coyote and Shelby GT500.

The VMP Gen3 is based on Eaton’s larger TVS 2650 rotor pack and features a four-lobe rotor design with a 170-degree rotor twist compared to the rotors in the previous model with a 160-degree twist. It supports up to 25 percent more airflow than the 2.3 L and has been proven on the dyno and track to be a performance powerhouse.

VMP will be offering special show pricing for these two events, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to up the ante on your Mustang’s performance.

Contact us today to secure your install: 321-206-9369.

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