VMP Supercharger Trade-In Program Toward VMP Gen3 Head Unit

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Are you ready to make the upgrade to the VMP Gen3 2.65 L supercharger? VMP Performance is offering a trade-in program on old TVS superchargers towards credit on a new VMP Gen3 head unit.

If your supercharger is older or damaged, VMP will offer you money to make the switch for more power.

  • Up to $500 for a damaged or locked up blower
  • Up to $750 for a good Gen 1, Trinity, or Roush 2.3 L blower
  • Up to $1,000 for a good-working Gen2
  • Up to $1,200 for a good-working Gen2R

Package your old supercharger in the same materials the VMP Gen3 was delivered in and send back to us. We will provide you with an RMA form.

When your trade-in is received by VMP, it will be inspected. Trade-in value will be issued within two weeks by either check or PayPal.

Learn more about the VMP Trade-In Program

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