NEW! VMP Twinjet 69 mm Digital Throttle Body for ’18+ 5.0 L Mustang & F-150

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In a continued effort to satisfy consumers’ need for speed, VMP Performance excitedly announces the release of the VMP Twinjet 69 mm Digital Throttle Body for ’18+ Ford vehicles running the Cobra Jet Intake Manifold.  

In 2018 Ford innovated a new electronic control system for their drive-by-wire throttle body.  This new system uses digital signals to control the throttle motor, rather than analog voltages as previously used.  VMP’s ’18+ Twinjet 69 mm Throttle Body is built with the same digital electronics found on ’18+ Fords (designated by a J on the motor cover instead of an F).  Our throttle bodies include electronics; we ensure their quality through testing and hardware adjustments. All the customer has to do is bolt them onto the vehicle and load the proper tune!  This eliminates a potentially lengthy and difficult calibration process that can occur when a customer installs his or her own throttle body electronics.

Previously, the only way to use a GT500-style throttle body on an ’18+ Mustang or F-150 required an expensive and problem prone throttle body adapter box.  Costing approximately $400, these boxes don’t result in a perfect translation from the analog signal to digital signal. This sometimes caused idle issues and failsafes. VMP’s Twinjet 69 mm with native digital electronics alleviates these issues.


Features include:

  • Industry exclusive! Works on ’18-19 with Cobra Jet Intake Manifold
  • NO ADAPTER BOX required; avoid the expense and issues
  • Comes assembled and tested for quality assurance with the factory digital electronics
  • Works with ’18+ Mustang GT 5.0 L and ’18+ F150 5.0 L
  • Twin-blade design provides excellent driveability and tunability

Includes: 6” PNP harness extension (insert PN)