VMP Gen3 Powered 2017 F-150 Makes Over 700 RWHP

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes


In just its third year, ModNationals has grown into a premier drag racing event for mod motor enthusiasts. VMP is well-known for racing supercharged Ford Mustang applications. Lead calibrator, Joe Goodnough will make his first foray into racing his 2017 VMP supercharged Ford F-150 at this year’s ModNationals.

From the outside, Joe’s F-150 looks like a typical daily-driven truck. However, a VMP Gen3 TVS lies under the hood, transforming it into the ultimate sleeper. Turning a daily driver into a race truck is no simple task. The main focus for Joe’s truck before heading to ModNationals was to increase the horsepower output along with fixing a wheel hop issue.

The first step in gaining more horsepower was simple; switch to a bigger supercharger. Joe swapped out his VMP Gen2R 2.3 L TVS for the new VMP Gen3 2.65 L TVS. This bigger blower is more efficient and requires 18% less power to drive the unit when compared to its smaller predecessor. This higher twist from the rotors allows the blower to flow up to 25% more air.

With the new supercharger installed, the next step was to upgrade the exhaust system. On the first dyno pull with the stock exhaust and the VMP Gen2R, the truck made 600 rwhp. With the new Dynatech headers and the VMP Gen3 installed, the truck made 704 rwhp, an increase of 104 rwhp.

Running faster than ever, the attention turned to fixing the truck’s wheel hop issue. A stock suspension is not made to handle 700+ rwhp; so, the hunt was on for the perfect suspension setup. After multiple tests, a combination of a BellTech suspension kit and a Calvert Racing Caltracs kit was the solution to eliminate the issue.

Check out the video to get an in-depth look at Joe’s ModNationals prep, and be sure to tune in to the VMP social media channels for live content from the event.

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