The Wait is Over! Keep Your ’15-’17 5.0 L Ford Mustang Cool with the VMP Underhood Ice Tank

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The new VMP underhood ice tank replaces the factory degas bottle with a 2+ gallon capacity tank. The new tank is made out of aluminum for lightweight durability. It also features a large lid for ease of filling. VMP recommends using large ice cubes for best results.


  • 2+ gallon capacity is ideal for 1/4 mi runs based on our testing
  • Holds 10 lbs of ice easily; 20 lbs can be achieved with tight packing
  • 1/4″ ball valve for draining the melted ice after a pass
  • Fits positive displacement superchargers from VMP, Roush, KB, and Whipple that use a rear inlet design.
  • Line-X black textured coating improved underhood appearance and reduces sweating
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Actual weight only 7 lbs empty
  • Large, 4″ clear lid standard; optional black lid available
  • Attaches to factory mounting points



Does not fit with Roush airbox style intakes or Roush 110 mm intake. Not recommended for cars that are road-raced.


The drain valve is located to prevent fully draining the tank; this is to keep the pump from sucking air and losing prime. We recommend installing a switch on the pump circuit so you do not melt all the ice before getting to the line. Avoid over-packing the tank with ice as the intercooler pump can lose prime. Use large ice cubes for the best results.

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