Breaking Records at Texas Mile

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Followers of VMP Performance often expect a VMP crew member to be behind the wheel at a racing event. However, The Texas Mile presented VMP with an opportunity to provide support for other race teams utilizing VMP products. VMP’s Justin Starkey and Chris Tropea flew to Victoria, Texas to assist Weir Racing and London Chassis Dyno in setting new personal records in the one-mile trap speed.

VMP Powered Weir Racing Shelby GT500The Texas Mile, a biannual event, is unique to the racing scene. The race focuses on pure speed; not head-to-head competition. Racers from all over the world flock to Victoria Regional Airport for the chance to join the 200+ mph club. Several VMP-powered vehicles attended, including a 2013 Shelby GT500 owned by Weir Racing. The vehicle was a joint effort prepared by Weir Racing and London Chassis Dyno. A fully-equipped street car, the GT500 features a 5.8 L built engine with a VMP Gen3 TVS under the hood.

“We enjoy being involved in all forms of racing,” said VMP President Justin Starkey. “The Texas Mile is unique in that you are at wide open throttle for so long that it thoroughly tests the parts and the driver behind the wheel.”

Breaking Records

Weir Racing GT500 Time Slips Texas MileThe three day event began Friday with multiple test runs to dial in the exact set-up for the weekend. The Shelby experienced issues during its initial pass. The team resolved the problems in time for further test runs. Following the final run of the day, Jordan Weir brought the car to the pits for some late night adjustments. With help from Justin, Sai Li of Li Tuning and Racing, and Matt Brunette of Billet Pro Shop the car was in top form .

Equipped with a new tensioner, idler, and larger pulley, the Shelby was ready for day two in the Texas heat. The third and final run of the day was the most successful, with a recorded speed of 226 mph.   

Day three began with every racer’s worst nightmare — a weather delay. A thick fog rolled over the track overnight. It persisted through the morning hours. Once the fog cleared, it was back to breaking records. Backing up his run from the previous night, Weir piloted the GT500 to another 226 mph pass. In addition, this run included a 190.5 mph half mile speed, a world record for a supercharged Mustang.

“It was exciting to see Jordan and his team pull together to make the combo work and not only run a new personal best, but also set a new world record.” said Justin.

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