Dynatech Long Tube Headers – the Perfect Fit for Your 5.0 L 2018 Mustang GT

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes


Whether you’re driving an old-school Foxbody or the latest 460 hp 2018 5.0 L Ford Mustang GT, the natural progression of horsepower will lead you to a set of aftermarket headers. A quality set of long tube headers will out-flow your stock pipes, give you a throatier sound, and extra power.

At VMP, we’re always looking to maximize performance. Headers were the next thing to add to our in-house 2018 Ford Mustang GT test mule. We decided on a set of Dynatech SuperMAXX Stainless Long Tube Headers with SuperMAXX Stainless PowerCAT Plus X-pipe. We’ve had success with Dynatech headers in the past, so we expected a nice power gain on the 2018 Mustang.

We already enhanced our Mustang GT with a JLT cold-air intake and a custom VMP computer calibration. We then topped the Coyote with a boost-pumping Roush 2.65 L supercharger kit. Now we were looking to free up some ponies and get that OMG exhaust note!

As you can imagine, the stock exhaust was holding back the supercharged 5.0 L Coyote. It needed to breathe, so we installed the Dynatech headers and mid-pipe in our state-of-the-art VMP installation center.

After unboxing the parts, we found a beautiful set of mandrel-bent stainless headers featuring 1.875-inch tubes, and a ball-and-socket flange measuring 3.00-inch at the collector for excellent flow and leak-free sealing. The kit also comes with O2 sensor extensions, triple-layer stainless steel gaskets, new header bolts, plus mounting hardware, and instructions.

After bolting up the headers, we finished with the aforementioned Dynatech X-style mid-pipe with cats and connected it to our stock cat-back. Overall, installation is straightforward and can be done at home if necessary. Of course a lift makes the job easier.

Total install time was between 5-7 hours. Immediately the GT was louder, but not obnoxious. Justin Starkey, President, VMP Performance, said, “We decided to try the car first with the headers, X-pipe, and stock mufflers to see what it sounded like before worrying about aftermarket mufflers. It’s aggressive, but livable on a daily driver,” he added. “In addition, the Dynatech headers really allow the engine to breathe and make power whether you keep your Mustang naturally aspirated or if you add boost.”

According to Dynatech, in naturally aspirated trim, it’s common to see 25-32 horsepower and 20 lb∙ft of torque from the SuperMAXX Stainless Long Tube Headers. There’s also a limited lifetime warranty. Lastly, these headers fit with automatic or manual transmissions and comes complete with a detailed instruction manual for easy installation.