VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster

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Here at VMP Performance, we bring you the best of the best in high performance Mustang and F-150 parts. When it comes to fuel delivery, we have a simple answer – our VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster.

The VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster is necessary for any Mustang and F-150 that demands more fuel to make more power. It is highly recommended for supercharged, turbo, and nitrous cars needing more fuel than the stock pumps can provide.

After reviewing industry offerings and consumer needs, VMP Performance developed a product with plug and play compatibility on multiple platforms. Being “plug and play” means there’s no hacking up of your factory harness or potential wiring mishaps. The VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster comes ready to go out of the box and runs continuously so there’s no switches to set, no windows, no thresholds, no complicated setup. As user-friendly as it gets, installation is quick and easy, usually in less than 30 minutes.

Available for all 2005+ Mustang and Shelby models as a plug and play unit, 2011+ F-150 models (wire extension recommended), and wire-in model available for ’03-04 SVT Cobra.

Included with the booster: Velcro for mounting, a 40-amp replacement fuse, and installation instructions with needed information for adjustments on your tune.

Note: With a VMP Pump Fuel Voltage Booster you will need a tune update.