The One-Off Custom Shelby GT500 Saleen 351 Extreme Coupe

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Shelby GT500 Saleen Extreme 351 CoupeThe relationship between Grant Twilley and VMP Performance started when he was looking for a reputable place to get his 2012 Shelby GT500 tuned. Grant found out about VMP by browsing the local forum pages. It wasn’t long before Grant brought the Shelby to VMP where Justin worked his magic, tuned the car, and had it running flawlessly. After Grant purchased another Shelby GT500, a 2013 model, VMP was trusted to transform it to a full-blown racecar. With the help of our VMP Gen3 TVS supercharger, and a few other goodies, that car put down 1,200+ rear wheel horsepower.

Grant’s latest visit to the VMP Ranch involves a Mustang of the same lineage but in a much rarer form. This one-off Mustang bears the Saleen AND Shelby name – the Shelby GT500 Saleen 351 Extreme Coupe. He brought it to our shop for some tweaks to the tune.

A Saleen twin-screw supercharger sits atop the built 351 V8 with forged steel connecting rods and forged Shelby GT500 Saleen Extreme 351 Coupealuminum pistons, a forged steel crankshaft, CNC-ported aluminum heads, high-performance cams, and valve springs. This pony makes 700 rwhp and 655 lb∙ft of torque. Handling comes from the Saleen S4 components such as springs, struts, shocks and sway bars. Ford AdvanceTrac traction control complements the suspension. Other goodies include the Saleen-designed red butterfly induction hood, a high-performance exhaust system, leather and Alcantara interior, 3.55 rear gears, glass roof, and 20” black ice chrome wheels. It also features the signature Saleen rear bumper cover. Painted Race Red initially, it is now slathered in one of Saleen’s unique color, ChromeMolly. This is a metallic silver named after Steve Saleen’s daughter, Molly.

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