VMP Gen3 Goes Through 100-Hour Durability Test

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes


Recently our VMP Gen3 supercharger was put through the wringer with an extreme durability test at Roush Performance. VMP enjoys the ability to test durability through our partnership with Roush. This allows us to produce high- performing, OEM-quality products. The VMP Gen3 featuring Eaton’s larger 2650 rotary pack withstood 100 hours (the equivalent of 100,000 miles of normal driving) of WOT testing, and it endured it exceptionally well.

To see how the VMP Gen3 supercharger held up during the grueling testing, VMP’s Justin Starkey disassembled the tested VMP Gen3. He also examined a brand-new unit and made comparisons between the two. Once the rotors were removed from their respective housings, there wasn’t much difference between the blowers.

The durability test demonstrated minimal wear. The only significant difference was the oil inside of the supercharger; the tested supercharger’s oil was darker than that of the brand-new unit. This is expected after running 100,000 miles.

The Eaton 2650 rotor pack is used on a plethora of OEM applications; VMP is excited to make it available for the aftermarket and offer it to those looking to make more power.

The rotors feature an abraidable coating, which allows them to give. It also ensures maintenance of tighter tolerances. During the durability test, the abraidable coat exhibited barely any wear. The supercharger housing had dirt and dust on its interior walls, which is entirely normal.

Why not throw the tested VMP Gen3 on a shop car and take it to the track, or better yet run it another 100,000 miles?