VMP Gen3 TVS Upgrades for ’03-’04 Ford Mustang Cobra

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute


You love your Ford Mustang Cobra, but you want it to have even more power. Here at VMP, we know that feeling, so we adapted our VMP Gen3 2.65 L TVS supercharger kit to fit ’03-’04 Cobras. In addition, we offer a whole line of products to fit your Cobra, giving you endless possibilities for future mods.

Check out the video to see Justin give you a rundown of everything you can purchase from us for your Cobra, and how to correctly install the pieces to ensure maximum horsepower.

Products in this video include:

✪ VMP Gen3 2650 TVS Supercharger Upgrade: http://bit.ly/VMPGen3Cobra
✪ VMP Supercharger Elbow for GT500 TB: http://bit.ly/GT500Elbow
✪ VMP Supercharger Elbow for Accufab TB: http://bit.ly/AccufabElbow
✪ VMP Supercharger Elbow for Stock TB: http://bit.ly/StockElbow
✪ VMP Supercharger Pulleys: http://bit.ly/VMPPulleys
✪ Cobra Throttle Cable Bracket: http://bit.ly/CobraCableBracket
✪ VMP 5″ Cold Air Intake Kit for ’03-’04 Cobra: http://bit.ly/VMP5InchCAI
✪ VMP GT500 TB Gasket for ’03-’04 Cobra: http://bit.ly/GT500TBGasket
✪ VMP ’03-’04 Cobra Elbow to Blower Gasket: http://bit.ly/VMPCobraGasket
✪ Fore Innovations Fuel Rails: http://bit.ly/ForeFuelRails
✪ LFP Throttle Body: http://bit.ly/LFPTBody
✪ Accufab Single Blade TB: http://bit.ly/AccufabTB
✪ VMP 160 mm Monoblade TB: http://bit.ly/160mmTBody
✪ VMP 173 mm Monoblade TB: http://bit.ly/VMP173mmTB
✪ EGR Contoured Block Off: http://bit.ly/EGRBlockOff
✪ EGR Stud Kit: http://bit.ly/EGRStudKit
✪ Cobra Intercooler to Supercharger Bolts: http://bit.ly/CobraIntercoolerBolts

VMP Gen3 TVS Install Instructions for ’03-’04 Cobras: http://bit.ly/CobraInstall

Get your VMP apparel here!: http://bit.ly/VMPMerch