Super Easy VMP Supertruck: How to Get 600-plus HP from Your 2011-2014 5.0 F-150!

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


By Evan J. Smith

VMP Performance’s new Gen3 2.65 L TVS Supercharger is making big waves in the performance aftermarket. Coyote-powered Mustangs are laying down 1,000-plus rear wheel horsepower and turning insanely quick times at the track. The VMP Gen3 blower and 5.0 L Coyote engine make a great pairing. Ford F-150 truck owners can now experience big power, too. Recently, VMP developed a complete Gen 3 2.65 L TVS supercharger kit for 5.0 L Coyote-powered 2011-2014 Ford F-150 trucks. As VMP President Justin Starkey said, “You asked for it, and we delivered!”

All it takes is a quick call to VMP Performance or one of our dealers and you can get your 5.0 L Coyote-powered F-150 cranked up to 600-plus horsepower. You’ll also get earth-moving torque necessary to get your heavy hauler moving at the drag strip or when towing a trailer.

“At the heart of Stage 3 F-150 kit is the same VMP Performance Gen3 2.65 L TVS Supercharger that we use in our Mustang systems,” said Justin Starkey. “The F-150, especially the 2011-2014 models, benefit greatly from boost. Our Gen2R systems are capable of 600-plus horsepower at the crankshaft. This gives you potential for 11s in a truck, and that will surprise a lot of people. With the new Gen3 supercharger we’re seeing 700-plus horsepower. So, you’re looking at deep into the 11s with the utility of a daily driven truck,” he added.

The Gen3 was developed using Eaton’s 2650 rotor pack housed within VMP Performance high-flow supercharger design. It features an integrated intake elbow and is engineered for horsepower. VMP ensures its units fit a variety of applications by considering hood and firewall clearance.  Further, the kits are modular; the design is compatible with previous generation VMP and Roush blowers.

By the numbers, the 2650 is 15 percent larger in displacement. It features twin four-lobe rotors, which utilize 170 degree twist. That compares to the 160 degree twist in the previous generation 2.3 L TVS. The 2650 rotor pack is 4 percent more efficient and requires 18 percent less power to drive than the 2.3 L version.

“In the real world, the Gen3 supercharger makes great low-end torque. We’re now offering this kit complete for the F-150 and it has things like a VMP heat exchanger to ensure you won’t have issues,” Justin commented. “Keeping things cool is important for power and will give you a much easier time towing, too. You can tow stuff, use it for work, and beat your Mustang buddies from stop light to stop light,” he continued.

Looking back, the VMP Gen2 2.3 L TVS was a huge success in the market. Over the past couple of years, VMP has found new ways to increase airflow through high flow elbows and more efficient inlet shaping. “The Gen2 was followed by the Gen2R, which was created using everything we know and integrated every possible improvement for volume and flow,” Justin said. “And now, the VMP Gen3 2.65 L TVS is a real game changer.” You’ll get more power at the same boost level. So, when making the switch from a Gen2R, remember the Gen3 moves far more air. For the same boost you’ll want to pick a pulley that’s 2-3 sizes larger than the one used on your Gen2, Gen2R, or Roush unit.

The default throttle body is the VMP Twinjet 67 mm Throttle Body.  There is no charge if this option is selected. The VMP 173 mm Monoblade Throttle Body is available for race applications; it is well-suited to big aftermarket cams.  

An F-150 with a VMP Gen3 TVS has the potential to be the ultimate sleeper! If you have a 2011-2014 F-150 this kit gives you the opportunity to get your horsepower fix while maintaining the utility of a pickup truck.  Nothing compares to towing a car to the track and then beating it with the tow vehicle!


Stage 3 Kit includes:

  • VMP Gen 3 2.65 L TVS Supercharger
  • VMP Twinjet 67 mm Throttle Body (VMP 173 mm Monoblade Throttle Body available)*
  • 1000 cc Fuel Injector Clinic fuel injectors (other injectors available as options)
  • VMP Dual Fan Triple Pass Heat Exchanger
  • PMAS cold air intake
  • 85 mm supercharger pulley
  • All needed brackets, hoses, sensors, pulleys and hardware
  • Custom calibration from VMP Performance
  • SCT device available as an option


Available Pulley Sizes

  • 92mm – 11 psi (Recommended for 11-14 GT, 91 or 93 octane)
  • 88mm – 12 psi (Recommended for 15-17 GT, 91 or 93 octane)
  • 85mm – 13 psi (Max for 15-17 on 93 octane with good flowing exhaust)
  • 82mm – 14 psi
  • 79mm – 15 psi
  • 75mm – 17 psi
  • 72mm – 19 psi
  • 69mm – 20 psi