Rebecca Runs New Personal Best of 8.09 in Her VMP Gen3-equipped 2011 Mustang GT

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute


Just last month, Rebecca Starkey took her 2011 Mustang GT to TX2K18 and ran 4 consecutive passes of 8.1 seconds in the quarter-mile, nabbing a then new personal best.

But that new personal best has been shattered, again. Just recently, she piloted her VMP Gen3-supercharged Mustang to a new personal best of 8.095 seconds at 166 miles per hour during test and tune at Orlando Speedworld.

She’s running the VMP Gen3 supercharger with the 10-rib kit and a 2.5 inch pulley. There is still more boost and power to be unlocked with pulleying down. Additionally, Rebecca expects to see improved air flow with a ported manifold from Bret Barber of Airflow Solutions that will be installed soon.

We are excited to see what Rebecca does next; that 7-second club is just around the corner!