Rebecca Starkey Runs Personal Best of 8.1-Seconds in Quarter-Mile at TX2K18

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TX2K18, at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, is a playground for cars with hundreds, some with thousands, of horsepower.

During the drag racing portion of the event held on Saturday and Sunday, VMP Performance’s Rebecca Starkey piloted her freshly wrapped, Gen3-powered 2011 Mustang GT to a new personal best of 8.1 seconds in the quarter-mile.

“I blew my other times out of the water. It’s really doing great,” says Rebecca.

With new 3.73 gears and a loaned torque converter, Rebecca consistently grabbed 8.1-second passes in the quarter-mile all weekend.

“The last quarter-mile passes that I had on the car were with our old blower, the 2.3L. This is with our new Gen3,” Rebecca states. “I’ve got new gears. The car was previously geared for 1/8th mile so we went to a 3.73 for quarter-mile racing.”

During round three of qualifying, Rebecca took out a Pontiac Trans Am that ran a 10.23 with an 8.18-second pass at 164 mph. In round one of eliminations, Rebecca took victory over Jim Braun’s turbocharged Coyote Mustang grabbing an 8.18-second run over his 8.51, a personal best for him as well.

“The car’s running great. It’s being fast. It’s being consistent. I really couldn’t ask for much more,” Rebecca explains.

On her last and most suspenseful run, she pitted against another Florida turbo car, Brett LaSala’s Gotta Have It Green ’13 Mustang GT, where he grabbed an 8.10-second pass barely edging past Rebecca’s 8.16.

In a class field of 54 entrants, she placed fifth overall during qualifying in the Street Car class.

The TX2K Street Car Class is open to all makes and models such as Mustangs, GTRs, Vettes, Porsches, Vipers, Supras, or anything that can be verified as any “legal street car” meaning it must have DOT-approved tires, proof of insurance, license plate, and valid registration. Also, brake lights and head lights must be operational.