2008 Shelby GT500 Makes 800+ rhwp with a VMP Gen3 TVS!

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

Estimated reading time: < 1 minute

This 2008 VMP Gen3 powered Shelby GT500 came to the VMP Ranch for installation of L&M “No Springs Required” Cams and a custom VMP dyno tune from VMP’s lead calibrator, Joe Goodnough.

Check out the video to see just how much horsepower the GT500 puts down, as well as a full overview of what mods are on the vehicle!

Mods on the car include:

✪ VMP Gen3 2.65 L TVS Supercharger: http://bit.ly/Gen3GT500
✪ VMP TwinJet 67 mm Throttle Body: http://bit.ly/TwinJet67mm
✪ VMP Custom Tune: http://bit.ly/VMPTune
✪ VMP 2.8″ Upper Pulley: http://bit.ly/VMPPulley28
✪ Dynatech Long Tube Headers: http://bit.ly/DynatechLTH
✪ JLT 123 mm Cold Air Intake: http://bit.ly/JLT123mm
✪ L&M “No Springs Required” Cams: http://bit.ly/LandMCams
✪ BOOSTane: http://bit.ly/BoostaneVMP
✪ Bassani Axle Back Exhaust
✪ 93 Octane

Want similar mods for your Shelby GT500? Reach out to our Sales & Support staff, they’re happy to help you obtain your goals: (321) 206-9369 and sales@VMPPerformance.com